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Insulate your Conservatory Roof to Achieve an Optimum Ambient Temperature

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Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

We know that deciding to have your conservatory insulated can be a complicated decision sometimes. A lot of people ask us questions about our roofing insulation so by now we're pretty well versed in every worry and query people have. Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions and simple valuable answers to them. Hopefully these will help you in your decision in getting your conservatory insulated.

If your question is to do with your specific conservatory then feel free to give us a call or get in touch with us through our contact page here.

Will my conservatory roof look different from the outside?
No, Conservatories with a uPVC roof will look exactly the same. Have a look at our gallery for some examples.

Will there be any problems with condensation?
No, with the addition of our insulation to your conservatory roof your conservatory will not suffer and condensation problems.

What guarantee do you offer?
We guarantee the workmanship of all our Thermosroof for 5 years. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on all our materials. In other words we will come out and remedy any problems you have due to the fitting of our roof system and will not leave until you are entirely happy.

How long will the installation take and will there be a lot of mess?
The installation takes between 1-2 days and the fitters will clean up what little mess they have made before they leave.

What happens if my roof leaks a year down the line?
All conservatory roofs can be repaired and panels replaced externally. Your ThermosRoof roof will not effect this.

Can I install lights on your insulated ceiling?
Yes, we will retain any existing lights you have or if you request it run cable under our insulated ceiling for any future lighting you might want.

What about the extra weight, how will it effect the strength of my conservatory roof?
By law conservatory roofs must withstand a snow loading of between 60-80KG / m2 depending on roof angle. This means an average 3 metre by 2 metre conservatory can take a loading of approx 400KG+. Our insulated system for your conservatory roof would weighs less than 20kgs. A negligible amount & well within safety factors.

Can you insulate any Conservatory?
Yes, provided the conservatory is in good condition, has no leaks, cracked or broken panels and has roof joists of equal depth.

How do I maintain my new ceiling?
It will require little or no maintenance beside wiping away any cobwebs and dust with a damp cloth.

With no light coming through the roof, won’t it be a lot darker?
No, with a bright white ceiling, light reduction is negligible.

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