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Insulate your Conservatory Roof to Achieve an Optimum Ambient Temperature

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Our Installation & Insulation Process

We have refined our conservatory insulation process after insulating dozens of conservatories throughout the North East and North Yorkshire. We know it can be a real inconvenience to have workmen and builders in your home, but our process aims to minimise this.

We start by performing a detailed inspection so we know exactly what materials and tools we will need for the job. This is also where we take some detailed measurements so we can predict accurately how long the job will take. Our employees are fast and tidy, you won’t need to worry about cleaning up any mess after the job.

1. Conservatory Inspection

After inspecting your conservatory and talking to you about the job and what will happen we will then make a start. The first thing we do is to either remove, items that may get in the way throughout the work or cover anything that might get covered in dust. As you can see from the images below, this means removing items like lights & ceiling fans and covering sofas or chairs. Don’t worry though, this is just so we can get the insulation behind the fittings. Your lights and fans will be refitted after we finish installing your roof insulation.

2. Measuring and Cutting Insulation

The next step is to measure and cut the insulation for your conservatory roof. It looks simple but our workers need to ensure they get very accurate measurements in order for a good fit to the conservatories roof. As shown in the images above, we measure each section of roof panel and then cut it with our accurate cutting tools. We pride ourselves on the precision we are able to achieve with each piece of insulation.

3. Fitting the Insulation

Now we have our insulation cut to accurate sizes we can go about fitting it to your roof. Since we cut such accurate insulation panels for each of your conservatory roof panels we can push them onto the panel, where they will fix themselves.

4. Fitting the uPVC Panels

We will then start to cut our uPVC panelling. This is normally done at the same time as the insulation so we can ensure everything matches up. We again measure and cut these pieces uPVC of panelling accurately before attaching it to your conservatory roof. Don’t worry, these screws can’t be seen and the panel fixings are completely hidden.

As the image shows, we work the insulation up the conservatory roof panels from the eaves with the plastic panelling following slowly behind. This is done so we can make sure everything is cut correctly and this ensures when we get to the end everything is 'in line'.

5. Edges and Tying it 'All Together'

Now we have all our insulation and plastic panelling fitted to your conservatory roof we can start working on the edges and seams. The conservatory will now start to look 'smashing' and you’ll start to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. The edge fixings are used so the panel seams don’t look out of place and ugly. These long fixings are pushed into their respective slots that we pre fitted to each plastic window separator earlier. The aim here is to cover and cut edges and screws. You can see this process in the image above. We start to put these on at the start of the whole process and press them in 'bit by bit' until we reach the top.

6. Cleaning and Refitting Your Possessions

Now we’ve finished your Thermosroof it’s time to re-fit the previous fixtures. We will re-attach the lights or fans that we removed at the beginning of this process. After everything is checked over we will also begin our cleaning up process. This includes hoovering the conservatory, uncovering any chairs or sofa’s and wiping the conservatory roof to ensure there are no dirty fingerprints left over. You can see the finished article below.

7. The Finished Product - Your new Thermosroof

Your conservatory will now look fabulous. After the fitting of your insulation and panelling we strive to leave the rest of your room in the exact same way we found it. This means all your light fittings, curtains, chairs and sofa's can be moved back into your conservatory.
This is the point where we will bring you in and let you take a good look at your new Thermosroof. We like to talk to the customer after we have completed all the work to ensure everything looks and went as they expected. In our opinion, the worst thing that could happen is leaving you with a new conservatory roof insulation that you aren't completely happy or satisfied with.

Other Services we Provide

Aside from transforming your Conservatory into an all year round family room with a Thermosroof, we can also transform the look inside and out.

If your windowsill boards are chipped or scuffed, we can replace them. We can also clean out your gutters, wash your windows and jet wash your whole conservatory to make it look new again. Any damaged guttering can be repaired or replaced.

Please give us a call now and ask for Steve who will discuss all your needs with you.

Installation of Soffits, Fascias and Guttering

Soffits, fascias and guttering can not only enhance the look of your property, but are essential for maintaining the integrity, function and longevity of your house.

Most of the time, gutters can be cleaned and repaired to give many more years of service. However, sometimes they are beyond repair and we can quickly, efficiently install new ones without mess. You may even wish to change the colour or profile of these for purely aesthetic reasons.

We can also replace your wooden soffits and fascias with maintenance free uPVC giving your property a fresh clean look that will last for many years to come, protecting your most valuable asset.

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