Bespoke Conservatory Insulation to Keep Your Conservatory the Perfect Temperature.

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Insulate your Conservatory Roof to Achieve an Optimum Ambient Temperature

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Our Insulation Keeps You The Perfect Temperature

Conservatories are a fantastic family space which offer a natural link to our gardens. However, due to their design both with polycarbonate and glass roofs they act like greenhouse's amplifying the temperature differential between the inside and outside.

Unfortunately they all suffer from the same inherent problems, which severely limit their use and thus our enjoyment to 3-4 months of the year.

In addition to the problems listed below there are other painfully annoying problems such as sun bleaching of furniture and carpets, high heating and air conditioning bills, unsightly mildew on the roof and much more.

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Stay Warm in Winter

In the middle of winter and at night conservatories quickly become cold once any form of heating has been turned off, and indeed sometimes can not even be kept warm at all!

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Stay Cool in Summer

In the middle of summer they can be so hot and stuffy that it is not even comfortable to sit in them without a fan running to keep the temperature below levels seen on the African continent!

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Reduce Glare and Protect Furniture

Blinding glare, which prevents you from watching a TV, using a computer or tablet, combined with discolouration and deterioration of fabric and furniture!

With all of these issues it's no wonder we get less use out of our conservatories than any other room in the house.

Benefits of Insulating your Conservatory

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Look at the image to the left, this photo was taken in the middle of winter just after we finished working on a client’s conservatory. The new roofing panels and insulation is keeping the room at a toasty 20c, while it’s only a mere 0.5c outside!

Before this customer's conservatory was insulated, achieving and maintaining this temperature would have required multiple radiators running constantly. However, having multiple radiators doesn’t solve the problem, it uses much more electricity and most importantly the radiator wouldn’t have kept the room at a cosy 20 degrees. It would just kept heating the room until it was so stuffy that you had to open a window and lose all that warm air, reducing the temperature, and the cycle continues.

Insulating your conservatory with a Thermosroof will prevent heat loss when the temperature outside is colder, keeping the conservatory at a comfortable room temperature. On summer days the Thermosroof will also prevent excessive heat build up, glare and reduce sun bleaching as well as eliminating condensation and mould growth and reduce rain noise.
It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it is not!

At Thermosroof we have been insulating conservatory roofs of all different shapes and sizes for 12 years and we can guarantee that you will be using your Conservatory just like any other room in your house, 365 days a year!

Watch us Insulate this Conservatory with a new Thermosroof

Watch us insulate a typical conservatory with our specialized conservatory roof insulation and panelling. The job is fast and will transform your conservatory from a room determined by the British weather to your favourite room in the house.

On average most conservatories take just one day to complete. As you can see in the video, our employees work hard and leave everything as they found it, except for your brand new Thermosroof to your year round use.

  Warm in Winter

  Cool in Summer

  Quiet during Harsh Weather

  Reduces Glare & Harsh Light

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One of the most annoying things about getting work done on your house is the amount of time and inconvenience it takes to get a real quote for the work you're having done.

We aim to make the process of getting a quote for your conservatory roof insulation easy and painless. Simply fill out the form below and get a price the same day. One of our team will pick up your price request almost instantly and will then get back to you as soon as possible. If you have anything urgent you'd like to ask us then please feel free to call us on 01670 828695. You can also get in touch with us through our contact page.


Our Thermosroofing Customers are saying Great things about us!

testimonial speech mark  Absolutely love my conservatory roof insulation I can use my conservatory all year now the workmen were great they moved my furniture out then back in cleaned up there mess, it was done in a day the price was very good I would definitely recommend THERMOS ROOF testimonial speech mark

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Maureen Price

testimonial speech mark  Thermos roof recently fitted our conservatory roof absolutely delighted with the end results much warmer and looks Very nice work man so polite got the job done in good time very highly recommend them They even helped us get all our furniture back in the conservatory and tidied up after themselves.   testimonial speech mark

reviews stars
reviews stars
reviews stars
reviews stars
reviews stars

Dave Roberts

testimonial speech mark  To say “Love it” is an understatement from Me I am ecstatic!! Great workmanship so so clean and tidy, the finish is amazing, I now no longer have a conservatory that I hardly use as usually too cold in Winter, too hot in summer I can already feel the difference I can not recommend you highly enough Thank you do so much.  testimonial speech mark

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Janet Miller Hodgson
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Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

We know a big decision like this can come with a lot of questions and we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have. If you can't find answer you're looking for here or on our FAQ's page, please don't hesitate to get in touch using any of the methods on our contact page.

Will my conservatory roof look different from the outside?
No, Conservatories with a UPVC roof will look exactly the same. Have a look at our gallery for some examples.

Will there be any problems with condensation?
No with the addition of our insulation your conservatory will not suffer and condensation problems.

What guarantee do you offer?
We guarantee the workmanship of all our Thermosroof's for 5 years. In other words we will come out and remedy any problems you have due to the fitting of our Thermosroof and will not leave until you are entirely happy.

What happens if my roof leaks a year down the line?
All conservatory roofs can be repaired and panels replaced externally. Your Thermosroof roof will not effect this.

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If you're still unsure as to whether new conservatory roof insulation would benefit you, have a look at the images below. These are some of the most recent projects we have undertaken and completed to an extremely high standard. Conservatory roof insulation has never been so easy as with Thermosroof.

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