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Insulate your Conservatory Roof to Achieve an Optimum Ambient Temperature

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Optimising your Conservatory Room Temperature with Roofing Insulation

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The problem of conservatories being too hot in summer and freezing cold in winter is far too common. Along with other annoying problems such as glare, rain & traffic noise, condensation and even mould growth many conservatory owners end up barely using their conservatory, effectively eliminating a room from their house, or using it as a storage space.

All these problems can be eliminated by insulating the roof of your conservatory. This acts to retain heat and prevents the loss of warmth through the ceiling when it’s cold outside, whilst also reducing sun glare and heat build-up on sunny days. Keeping your conservatory at a comfortable temperature all year round. just like any other room in your house. You’ll notice that regulating the heat of your conservatory becomes extremely easy once you’ve had the roof insulated.

Many people don’t realise the advantage of reducing harsh light and sun glare in their conservatory. Your conservatory will still provide a wealth of natural light but in the right way. The sun will no longer shine directly through your roof and straight into your eyes or onto your computer screen. You’ll finally be able to get some work done, or simply relax and enjoy your book or newspaper

At Thermosroof we insulate your existing conservatory roof with a high-quality Insulation board which will drastically reduce the heat loss/heat gain through your roof. This insulation is then covered with a uPVC shiplap board and the edges are then trimmed to give a beautiful finish to the ceiling.

All the products are incredibly lightweight and as such we can insulate the roof without the necessity for any expensive structural work. This means there are no planning concerns and the external view of your conservatory remains the same.

This method of conservatory insulation is efficient, cost-effective and less invasive than any other technique available and takes between 1-2 days depending on the size of your conservatory.

You can easily turn your conservatory into the most comfortable and enjoyable room in your house. Simply use our online FREE Quotation Form, or get in touch today by phone or email. One of our team will get back to you as quick as they can in order to get the 'ball rolling'.

Options for Conservatory Insulation

  1. The first option is to remove the existing Glass or Polycarbonate roof and replace it with a prefabricated wood structure with lightweight tiles, insulation and insulated plasterboard.
    This say option will give you the warmest roof available and turn your conservatory into a liveable space.

    Whilst we don’t disagree with the claims for this type of roof, there are several downsides, not least the expense! This option can cost almost as much as the conservatory itself, along with the extensive installation time and the, probable requirement to get planning permission. The end result and probably the biggest reason for avoiding this method, is the fact that it will not keep your conservatory any warmer than our method but it is vastly more expensive and very disruptive.

  2. The second option of insulating a conservatory is to fasten wooden battens to the existing rafters and then using some form of insulating material to cover the roof and then install plasterboard to the battens to finish.

    The biggest issue with this method is the material weight that will be added to the structure, that it was never designed to take. When conservatories are manufactured they are designed to take a certain amount of loading due to snow etc. This huge increase in weight which will be at least 100kgs and some time close to 250kgs depending on the size of the conservatory will erode this structural safety margin.

    The consequence of this along with the natural movement you get with Conservatories due to wind and temperature change, will eventually cause cracking in the plaster, at the very least!

  3. The 3rd and most inexpensive method and the one which we have been successfully installing for 12 years. We insulate the existing roof with a high quality insulation board and then cover the insulation with a lightweight maintenance free uPVC cladding.
    This method has several advantages:
    • It utilizes the existing roof structure so no planning permission is required.
    • The lightweight materials (@30kgs average) have no impact on safety structure margins.
    • The installation is clean and can be completed in one day. (For the majority of conservatories)
    • The materials used require no painting or any other type of maintenance.
    • The uPVC finish fits nicely with the existing conservatory construction.
    • Most importantly, your new roof will perform as good as any other methods available.
    • The most cost effective and least disruptive method on the market today!

Custom Conservatory Insulation in the North East & North Yorkshire

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